Numerous environmental artists implement their ideas based on the latest research discoveries. Conversely, the artists’ open-minded and intuitive way of thinking serves as the inspiration and promotion of future scientific approaches. Technological innovation, alternative renewable energy and ideas for using high-tech materials are the topics of discussion in lectures and symposiums.

To explore ideas and find solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow,
artists, designers, architects, engineers, sociologists, researchers
and other creative thinkers from around the world meet.


Environmental artists are experimenting with brightly colored micro-fibers chargeable with solar energy during the day and at night transform into magical sea of lights. These artist are searching for compatible textures to develop interactive landscape that combine technology and nature to provide new inspiration for planning, construction and design.

Pictures:, Naoko Serino

The use of sustainable materials
is the topical interface between
industry, research and art.


The "Plantas Nómadas" are a good example of the scientific approaches seen in Environment Art. The Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza designed self-sustaining robots that "feed" off dirty water. With respect to “Plantas Nómadas” it is conceivable that industrially contaminated areas can be cleaned from these or similar creatures.

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Digital artist Andy Gracie creates technological systems designed to interact with natural living systems, incorporating ecosystems and biotechnology.

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