FLUX Art Festival is an interdisciplinary event, combining the fields of art, ecology, science and music in one big happening and targeting at sustainable urbanistic development.

The festival's goal is to reconcile ecology and progress by creating a shared platform for artists, scientists, the industry and creative thinkers from all over the world. The event lasts one week and centers around the work of international environmental artists - an artistic movement addressing ecological issues by operating at the interface between science, technology and nature. The innovatory power of art is used to inspire solution-finding processes and to fuel discussions among experts and a broad audience.

The project started as an initiative of el Patrol, an agency for art and alternative advertising concepts, specialized in the fields of sustainability and ecology. The FLUX Art Festival is now governed by the eponymous non-profit organization based in Switzerland.


The purpose of the association is to promote environmental awareness and develop creative solutions in the field of ecology and sustainable development as well as establish a positive future vision that links the planet’s care with scientific and technological progress. The association encourages international and interdisciplinary cooperation and seeks to link the fields of art, technology, science, environment and society. The guiding principles of the association are intended to be brought to a broad audience and initiate social change processes through various exhibitions, events, concerts, art works and research projects. With a special focus on the challenges in the urban context, the objective is to develop and present innovative and experimental approaches and methods. In addition to the realization of the FLUX Art Festival, the aim is to create a permanent presentation and interactive platform. The association announces its intention to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge and contribute to the wellbeing of future generations. The association has a charitable character and no profit-making objectives. In order to achieve its purpose, the association may acquire and manage real estate properties at home and abroad. Funds are: membership fees, income from own events, subsidies for culture, science, innovation, etc., sponsorships, income from performance agreements, and donations of all kinds.


FLUX Art Festival will grow, develop and transform over the years. But no matter the size: The festival will always need a place where people can come together, spark discussions and encourage engagement. The goal is to create an art space, which can host the festival’s offices as well as various exhibitions, seminars and events. The need for maximum flexibility is met by using shipping containers as building blocks for a temporary construction. This sustainable solution allows an adaptation to changing situations and the integration in existing structures and institutions. The festival’s customizable bureau and center is conceived to support city development and can be used for the revitalisation process of unused urban areas. Building it from recycled containers is not only cheaper and more flexible than conventional solutions - it also makes a statement about the passion for art and eco friendly avant-garde.


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