The FLUX festival is a celebration of a better world – and there is no party without music. Like no other artistic form of expression, music works like a magnet to attract and bring people together. Electronic music stars perform and battle setting the trends of tomorrow. In workshops and seminars they share their passion for electronic devices, “colorful blinking buttons” and interactive technology.

Music is the connection between the young,
technology and future oriented audience
and environmental awareness of the festival.

The Flux-parties not only serve as an affirmative mood altering experience: the parties are an important marketing tool. As convention holds, all events are recorded and the videos then published and distributed throughout the year. Although outside of the mainstream trend setting Dj sets generate millions of internet hits. This makes them affordable musical acts, guaranteeing optimal exposure and dissemination. For example, the “underground” music platform Boiler Room, takes this approach. The live session recording of Richie Hawtin in Amsterdam has already reached over 8 million internet hits:
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The wildly dexterous “button pusher” Jeremy Ellis is mostly known for his freestyle electronic live performances. With his amazing pad and keyboard playing, he conjures up 60s soul samples, hip hops beats along with minimalistic electro basslines. The videos created have accelerated Jeremy’s online presence landing him over 7 million views and reaching almost 15,000 subscribers to his personal channel. Here's how the finger drumming phenomenon performs a fascinating live routine on Maschine Mikro:
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