FLUX is intended to evolve as a platform for creating a future where humanity and nature will harmonize. The focal points are sustainability, recycling and renewable resources and energy, without questioning progress. Sustainable development starts with raising awareness of ecological topics.

FLUX reflects a future vision,
in which mobility and high-tech
work with sustainability.


One of the greatest undertakings for a sustainable economy is waste management. Besides reducing the amount of waste, recycling is also an important topic. In recent years recycling has become a social trend witnessed by the creation of furniture, clothes and jewelry design. Also, many artist have taken on this critically time sensitive issue by creating outstanding works.

Pictures: Liz West, Bordalo II

The creative analysis of what our consumer society
is recycling does not have any limitations
and makes a statement: littering must end.


For example, “Enssere Hercules” and “Sunflowers” demonstrate how the highest aesthetic demands and technological innovations are present in ecological projects and design. The company ENESSERE is active in the renewable energy technologies market and has set its goal to create solutions for the production of clean energy, without compromising beauty. The Hercules Aerogenerator, designed by Terry Glenn Phipps, is an inspiring example for the ideal blend between innovative technology and esthetical perfection. The combined result of wind engineers and expert craftsmen is designed to harness the power of wind coming from any direction.

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The Harries/Héder Collaborative brings the different worlds of art and architecture together. For the City of Austin, Texas they created „Eelectric Garden“ an installation consisting of 15 sculptural solar collectors called “SunFlowers”. During the day the SunFlowers provide a shaded grove for a pedestrian path and at night the LED’s in the SunFlowers’ stamens glow with blue light. The additional energy that they produce is fed into the citys electrical grid for credit to fund the installation’s maintenance.
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