An increasing number of artists are addressing topics such as climate change, environmental pollution, the rising cost of food, and resource scarcity. Through their work, they reflect the complexity of these current issues. Transdisciplinary artworks are created, encompassing robotics, electronic systems, artificial intelligence, live organisms, biological practices, as well as traditional art and performances. FLUX is the project that showcases and advances "Environment Art."

Pictures: Alexandre Dang, Janet Echelman, Patrick Dougherty, Lloyd Godman, Tomás Saraceno

The time to point out hazards has expired.
What we need is a course of action to find sustainable solutions and approaches
that alter the limitations of our current way of thinking and doing.


Light and sound installations, as well as sculptures in public spaces offer the audience immediate and low-threshold access to new ideas. The collaborative learning process benefits the formation of associations committed to the idea of sustainable development.

Pictures: On Design Partners, Bruce Munro, Barry Underwood

Designing public space
affects the perception of traditional reality
and opens the doors for new visions.


Sculptor Patrick Marolds windmill project consists of numerous polycarbonate tubes, LEDs and mini wind turbines. Planted in breezy landscapes the mini wind generators render the behavior of wind into the living body of light. Subtle during the daylight, the project comes alive at night and transforms wind power into a visual choreography. Its beauty draws attention to the use of clean renewable energy and our interaction with the landscape and natural forces.

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